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A casual, chic look pant that is timeless is wearing the gaucho pant. The design just works for all women. Gaucho pants can be soft and extra wide-legged or can be form fitted and structured. But, the gaucho’s trademark is the length, which is mid-calf. My gaucho pant is a piece in my Coronado Collection. […]

Older Women Golf Clothing

If you’re a woman golfer in your 40s, 50s, or older, you’ve probably noticed the dearth in older women golf clothing on the market.  This is ironic, since the majority of women golfers today actually belong to the more mature age bracket, but mainstream designers still seem to be designing for much younger women. We […]

Golf Apparel and Clothing for Older Women

Golf is a game for all ages, but women’s golf apparel is almost always designed with the younger woman in mind.  If you’re an older woman golfer tired of looking and feeling out of place on the green, GoldenWear.com’s collection of golf apparel and clothing for older women is for you. Featuring stylish golf clothing […]