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Ladies Golf Fashion

Golf is a game of elegance, but golfers haven’t always been known for their sartorial panache.  Golf and fashion haven’t always gone hand in hand, but this is something that has slowly changed.  This is especially true of ladies’ golf fashion, which, until recently, leaned towards boxy, unflattering styles that looked bad and often made […]

Golf Apparel and Clothing for Older Women

Golf is a game for all ages, but women’s golf apparel is almost always designed with the younger woman in mind.  If you’re an older woman golfer tired of looking and feeling out of place on the green, GoldenWear.com’s collection of golf apparel and clothing for older women is for you. Featuring stylish golf clothing […]

Women’s Golf Skort

Women’s golf clothing designers are helping transform the look of golf today, steering it away from the garish and outdated to the elegant and chic.  Blending function with fashion, today’s golf apparel, from the sleeveless golf top to women’s golf skort, are designed to make its wearer feel strong and feminine at the same time. […]