Maturity has many liberations for women except for one area, fashion. Fashion is designed for the young. So after we cross the ‘middle age’ threshold we either wear the latest designs, struggle to find clothes that look trendy but are kind to our bodies, or just give up and wear the latest version of the moo-moo. For many middle-aged women golfers finding appropriate casual apparel is easier than finding clothing for golf. It’s ironic. Country club memberships are generally comprised of middle aged couples. However, walk into the majority of their pro shops and women members will find golf apparel designed for young, toned, athletic women and not for women 50+ years old. Why the disconnect? There are a few reasons. Club buyers are most often head pros and selecting women’s clothing is at the bottom of their priority lists. Many clubs are managed by professional companies who are acutely cost driven so they purchase a minimal amount of women’s clothing because ‘women just don’t buy’. And, major brands carried at pro shops and big box golf stores are designed for the masses. Unless a middle-aged woman wants to wear low slung pants or 16 inch skorts, she has been left to her own devices to find golf clothing that fits her body, flatter her figure and functions not only on the course but also in the clubhouse.

My frustration as a golfer was not middle-age; it was that I couldn’t find golf outfits which didn’t draw attention to my thickened waistline, dimpled thighs and flabby upper arms. In pro shops and local golf stores I’d bring a mountain of golf clothes into dressing rooms with great anticipation of buying many, many new outfits. But I always left without clothes and very disappointed. My frustration eventually led me to design golf clothes for myself and women in my age group. GoldenWear brings another perspective and selection of styles for women golfers. Our cuts are a little fuller, lengths a little longer and fabrics that drape and flatter our figures. Our collections are easy care and travel friendly and seamlessly transition from the course to the clubhouse.