women golf clothing designers GoldenWearWhile women’s golf clothing designers have been coming up with more fashionable designs in recent years, these remain primarily aimed towards the younger market.  Ladies’ golf fashion is at an exciting point today as evinced by the increase in number of women’s golf clothing designers who are now designing as much for style as they are for wearability.  Still, many of these designers currently do not take into consideration the special needs of older women golfers, who not only have different body shapes, but usually a different sense of style as well.

Designing for the Golf Course With You in Mind

If you’re looking for fashionable mature women’s golf clothing, California designer Darlene Harwick’s GoldenWear collection is the answer to your golf and fashion dilemma.  The GoldenWear line of golf apparel addresses the needs of older women golfers, most of whom have become frustrated with the lack of options from many of today’s women’s golf clothing designers.

Offering golf clothes that flatter a wide range of body types, GoldenWear brings to the fore golf wear as it should be – elegant, fun, and immensely functional.  Using the best performance fabrics, GoldenWear is designed to keep you cool and dry on the green even on the hottest days, so you can concentrate more on your game and head straight to cocktails afterwards.

Preview our designs and see what makes GoldenWear the ideal choice for older women golfers who want to look good and have a great time on the course.  If you’d like to know more about our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.