womens golf skort GoldenWearWomen’s golf clothing designers are helping transform the look of golf today, steering it away from the garish and outdated to the elegant and chic.  Blending function with fashion, today’s golf apparel, from the sleeveless golf top to women’s golf skort, are designed to make its wearer feel strong and feminine at the same time.

Stylish Golf Clothing for Women

In no other sport can players express their own personal style as they can and do in golf.  Many of today’s top professional players are also style icons and there are more options in women’s golf clothing than there have ever been before. One clothing item that has recently risen in popularity is the women’s golf skort, which is the quintessential example of how golf wear can be functional, fashionable, and feminine all at the same time.

The women’s golf skort, by virtue of its being both a skirt and a pair of shorts, is an excellent alternative for lady golfers who like the look of a skirt but who also want the comfort and easier movement that shorts afford.  Thankfully for us older lady golfers, the women’s golf skort is also one clothing item that we can pull off with ease.

When you browse through GoldenWear’s collection of golf apparel for older women, take a look at our women’s golf skort. It’s classic and timeless, as well as currently at the forefront of golf fashion.  Our women’s golf skort would make a great addition to your golf wardrobe and wearing it instead of pants, capris or shorts can freshen up your look instantly.