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Wonder what to wear when you’re a women playing golf at a corporate golf event, or when you’re part of a businessmen foursome?  Choosing the right pieces can be tricky.  Your outfit will define you.  Don’t pick short shorts or skorts and tops that show cleavage when you bend over to address the ball.  And […]


There is a misconception that older women golfers should no longer wear skorts on the course. I think I know why this ‘rule’ was established. Today’s golf skorts are generally 12 to 17 inches in length, so you better have young, thin and flawless legs to look good wearing them. Many years ago golf skorts […]

Older Women Golf Clothes

In recent years, the game of golf has been gaining an increasing foothold among older women; golf clothes, however, have been slow to catch up.  Today, most women golfers are aged 40 and over.  As such, for many older women, golf clothes – or rather the lack of golf apparel for older women – have […]

Upscale Womens Golf Clothing

Upscale women’s golf clothing should be timeless, flattering to its wearer and, of course, comfortable.  You want your golf wear to make you look good and feel good at the same time.  Once you’ve donned your outfit, you don’t want it to give you any trouble when you’re already playing – you certainly don’t want […]