I’m often asked why I created GoldenWear. To be honest, it was a solution to my needs. Since I am in the 40+ young age group, I couldn’t find golf clothes that correctly fit me and had some panache.

Golf fashions often come to the fairway via the runway. Designers aim their collections to young, athletic women who look great in featherweight, body-hugging designs. Most sportswear companies have neglected a large demographic of active, older women with a passion for golf. For many of us, golf is more than a game, it’s an important element is our social and business lives. On the off the course, it’s vital that our clothing seamlessly transition from the greens to après golf activities.

We all strive to have style. However, let’s face it, bodies change over time. Wearing the latest designs don’t necessarily ensure we’re going to have the same ‘wow’ factor as our younger contemporaries. I created GoldenWear for women who want a little more coverage for upper arms, classic fit in the bottoms, and fabrics that drape, not cling to the body.

Fashion is about style, not trend. Clothes should be a statement of who we are, not who we were.


Be Golden on the Green!