GoldenWear Coronado collectionGolf has long been the game in the business world.  Just ask any man.  Golf has social acceptance, not too physically demanding, great for building rapport, and strengthens business relationships. So why aren’t more women using golf to empower their networks? I hear the usual excuses; they’re embarrassed they don’t play well or not at all, golf is too expensive, they have no time, and my favorite, they would be the only woman in the foursome. 

A economist study revealed that male board members with large networks make more money.  Women with equally large networks make a lot less money than men with even small networks.  It’s no secret that excelling in business is all about developing strong relationships.  It is the core of how business gets done.   Listening, connecting, and building relationships are what women excel at.  What we aren’t doing, is transforming those attributes into lucrative business networks.  

Golf is a tool to succeed in business.  Besides, it’s a fun game played in beautiful surroundings.  Women don’t have to be really good before they can play golf with men.  Quite honestly, most men golfers are not that good.  Just check their scores and handicaps for verification. 

My advice for businesswomen in golf.  Take as many lessons as it takes to be able to hit the ball without ‘wuffing.’  Learn the general rules.  Don’t be afraid to place a few bets with the men.  Buy a couple of rounds of beers (or your foursome’s beverage of choice).  Then have fun.  I guarantee you will be perceived quite differently in your business world when you play golf.