Fifty may be the new 30, but fashion for older women should be emphasized in style, not in latest cat-walk fashions. Diane Keeton, Annette Bening, Sharon Stone, Carman, Jacqueline Smith, and many other famous women are perfect examples of ageless beauty.  They have never allowed trends to influence their fashion styles, quite the opposite, they’ve dictated trends.

Our culture is fearful of aging, especially aging women. As an older woman, I have to say to stop apologizing for getting older. Embrace it.  Show younger women age is a state of mind, and even as the body ages it doesn’t equate to being feeble and weak.  It is NATURAL.

Being a middle-aged golfer I’m aware my sport’s longevity and appeal belong to the youth.  And rightfully so.  I was once youth.  Today’s young professionals need to bring star appeal to their games, and with star appeal comes golf fashion that intices young women to wear and men of to gaze.  That’s good.  Today’s golf fashion may invite me to purchase their designs, but my sense of style nudges me to reconsider. That being said, I have not delegated myself to houseshifts and reasonable shoes.  No, I adore fashion, but I now look best in longer skorts and shorts that are 20 inches or longer in length.  I really feel comfortable in long pants because of the slimming effect.  However, in hot weather I’ll wear below-knee length capris.  Importantly, I strive to look different on the course.  I’m not interested in being one the ‘cookie-cutter’ cult.  I don’t need to wear low-slung bottoms adorned with jewel encrusted belts and tops that accentuate my upper arms.  I want my own style.  I want more coverage, more sun screening, more moisture wicking.  I want my golf attire to be fun and quirky, chic and traditional, playful and colorful, and seriously stylish.  I’m like most women in my age group, I want to look my best on, and off, the course. I will wear what makes ‘me’ look great.