The sweet thing about growing older is knowing your limitations and accepting them.  When I was younger I played tennis, I wore just about any tennis style because I could.  I was fit, thin, and young.  I wasn’t concerned about cellulite or wrinkled skin because I didn’t have that.  Fast forward to now.  Every skort and short are back in the micro-mini length.  I won’t wear them, because I am concerned about cellulite and wrinkled skin.  Every piece I wear must be kind to my middle-aged body.  When I say kind, I mean and short kind.  I don’t wear short shorts or skorts because I am very aware of my weather-aged legs.  I am most comfortable wearing shorts and skorts in  20 to 22 inch lengths.  In fact, when the weather drops below 70 degrees I like to wear 26 inch capris or long pants.  I don’t like wearing sleeveless tops  because my upper arm skin has ‘relaxed’, and isn’t as taut as it once was.  So, I gravitate to above-elbow sleeve lengths or long sleeves.  I love the microweight fabrics used in today’s golf clothing, but I don’t like how it clings to my torso.  I like fabrics that are light and are moisture wicked, yet don’t hug to my waistline.  I like color, lots of it.  I love jewel tones, pastels, and tones.  I shy away from primary and flourscents because it doesn’t compliment my style.  I love animal prints since it seems timeless and has sense of sophistication.  I adore rhinestone and crystal buttons because they keep their sparkle when their knock-offs loose their luster.

Most important, I adore golfing with women who enjoy other women’s company and still love style.