Golden Wear 2010I recently played in a ladies tournament at my former country club. The annual two-day event is always met with great enthusiasm from members and guests because it’s launched with a fabulous evening cocktail/shopping party. The vendors at the parties are generally local shop-owners and artisans displaying all kinds of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. However, this year a subliminal memo must have been sent to everyone to bring sparkle. The display tables were loaded with rhinestone tee-shirts, dresses, jewelry, sun glasses and handbags. There were even rhinestone studded bras (ok, rhinestone straps on bras). To my surprise and delight, we had chosen to showcase our Chic Traditions collection with accents of Swarovski crystal buttons and rhinestone zippers.

Watching all the cocktail attendees ooh and aah over the blinged-out items made me wonder. Are fake diamonds really a girl’s best friend? Why do so many women love sparkle on their clothing?

I once believed that rhinestones would be a fad. I was so wrong. Women have had a love affair with rhinestones since the 1920’s. Bling on our clothes make us feel beautiful and happy. It creates the aura of glamour and style. However I have noted, like many good things, bling can be overdone. Whether we choose jeans with blinged-out butt pockets, tee-shirts with rhinestone studded messages, or simple black dresses accented with a rhinestone belts, these sparkly little pieces of glass draw attention to our bodies. It’s important to know when it flatters, distracts, or shouts. So, my advice is to take a second look in the mirror to see what your rhinestoned clothing says about your style.

That being said, I say ‘Bring on the bling!’