Have you ever purchased golf outfits that needed drastic alterations? I have, many times. That’s why I started designing my own clothes. Like many women who are over 50 years old, I was facing a diminishing selection of golf clothing styles. And, like so many women in my age group, I made wrong choices in dealing with this situation. I wanted to look as young as I felt and thought wearing the latest fashion trend would help me achieve that youthful look. The mirror told me the truth. Buying pieces designed for a junior’s body do not look the same on the middle-aged, no matter how much it is altered.
My desires and dislikes in golf clothing are shared by many. Great clothing is created only when real women has some say in its’ design. I encourage my customers to give me feedback on our collections. Their insights have been instrumental in our fabric selections, types of sleeves, and various skort lengths. Wearing the right type of golf clothes can influence the visual appearance of our bodies, enhance what we like about ourselves and take focus away from areas that we don’t want to emphasize.