There is a void in women’s golf and resort apparel in the extra-large size category.  There are plenty of brands that offer small, medium, and large tops that are paired with sized 2-14 bottoms.  Plus sized women have countless clothing brands to choose from, though most times the clothes are not for golf.  But the extra-large woman has a tough time finding clothing that is tailored and stylishly chic on and off the course.  When I started my company I spent many long hours with my pattern makers creating clothes that look great on the petite as well as the extra-large woman.  We used measurements of ‘real’ women as our guidelines and expanded our sizing to address all women golfers.  We’re aware that women don’t always wear a particular size.  Depending on the cut and fabric, a woman who usually wears a large will sometimes find an extra-large fits and looks better.  A pant with an elastic waistband can be worn in a smaller size than a pant with a tailored waistband. Women of all sizes share the same concerns.  We all want to hide those pesky problem areas without sacrificing comfort or style. Size is just a number but when you can’t find your size that number becomes a problem.