womens golf fashion 2010The other day I overheard a conversation between two women golfers who were about my age. One was frustrated that she couldn’t find any decent golf clothes. Her friend was astonished and exclaimed, “What do you mean? There are hundreds of designers in women’s golf clothes. There are more now than 10 years ago.” The frustrated friend shook her head and sighed, “Well, I can’t find them.”

I agree there are hundreds of designs and designers in women’s golf clothes. But, I think my frustrated friend had problems finding golf clothes that looked great on her. She, like so many women golfers over 40-45 years old, can choose from a much larger selection of golf clothes than 10 years ago. However, ten years ago just about everything looked good on her. Fast forward to today, her body has changed; waistline has thickened, legs have more cellulite, and skin has lost some of its tautness. Even when a woman in her 50’s holds the same weight as in her late 30’s, clothes will not have the same fit as when she was younger. That’s a reality many older women choose to ignore. We’ve all seen mature women on the course who have squeezed their bodies into some latest style and thought, “what was she thinking? Did she not glance at her backside in the mirror before leaving the house?”

Years ago women’s golf clothes were ridiculously boring, mimicked men’s clothing, and were made from the same fabrics. Happily, women’s professional golf gained press and television coverage. Designers took notice and designed styles for players that grabbed viewers’ attention. Colors became more vibrant, patterns were vivid, and styling became more feminine. Through the evolution of women’s golf clothing, materials have become lighter, moisture-wicked, and UV protected. Yes, women’s golf clothing has come a long way, baby. They look incredible on the pros, the 20 and 30 something-year-old-golfers, and the lucky over 40 and 50 something year-old golfers. I say lucky, because these 40-50 something year-old women have defied the natural aging process. I am not one of them. I am that woman who has maintained her weight and wears the same size as my 31 year-old daughter. However, when my willowy daughter wears one of our designs, she gives it her panache – youthful style. When I wear that design, I give it my panache – style, minus youth.

Exuding our inner radiance and confidence is how we best defy time and gravity. Wearing golf clothes that deflect our flaws and enhance and embrace our age completes the mindset and appearance.

Be Golden on the Green!