older women golf clothes GoldenWearIn recent years, the game of golf has been gaining an increasing foothold among older women; golf clothes, however, have been slow to catch up.  Today, most women golfers are aged 40 and over.  As such, for many older women, golf clothes – or rather the lack of golf apparel for older women – have become an increasing source of frustration.

Much of the golf wear currently in the market, from pants and tops to outerwear, seem to have been designed for women golfers in their 20s.  Older women golf clothing is something that you won’t often find, a fact that severely limits the options of more mature lady golfers.

Comfort and Fashion for the Older Golfer

What many sportswear designers have been slow to realize is that there is a large demographic of active older women, many of whom have developed a passion for golf.  Stepping into the breach is GoldenWear, a collection of older women golf clothes that directly addresses the unique needs of older women golfers.  The line features apparel that has been designed to provide the highest comfort along with timeless style.

They’re flexible, as well.  GoldenWear’s line of women golf clothes will look equally fabulous on the course, at the country club, or resort.  So you can hit the green or enjoy a refreshing après-golf lunch without having to fuss about your look.

See what GoldenWear has to offer – please explore the site to view our collection of golf apparel and to learn more about the philosophy behind our designs.