stylish golf clothing for women GoldenWearIn golf, looking good is an essential facet of the whole experience.  Golf, after all, is often as much a time for socializing as it is a game, and you’ll always want to look your best in social situations.  This is why stylish golf clothing for women has now become a major segment of the activewear market and why ladies’ golf fashion has attracted the attention of haute couture designers.

Looking Good on the Golf Course

Whether she’s 25 or 55, a lady golfer will always want to look good on the green.  While there’s certainly a greater variety of golf wear to choose from today than there was ten years ago, however, this is not the case for older women golfers.  Much of what’s on the market today seems to cater mostly to younger women, forcing older women golfers to settle for styles that are not only unflattering, but are physically uncomfortable as well.

With GoldenWear’s collection of stylish golf clothing for women, older women golfers can now both look great and feel great while on the green. You will find our designs to be loose in the right places and tailored where you need it to be.

Using only the best performance fabrics, our range of golf clothing provides its wearer with the ultimate in functionality and fashion.  Golf is already demanding enough as it is, you don’t want to worry too much about whether or not your clothes capable of supporting the strain and look good while they’re doing so.