womens golf clothing california GoldenWear

womens golf clothing california GoldenWearWhen it comes to women’s golf clothing, California has long been at the forefront of fashion and design.  This is where some of the country’s best courses are, after all, whether we’re talking about a magnificent desert course in the Palm Springs area or a spectacular ocean-side course like renowned Pebble Beach.  Add to that the state’s sunny climate and you’ll see why hitting the greens is a favorite year-round activity.

Golf Fashion From California

If you’re looking for stylish women’s golf clothing, California has some of the country’s leading retailers and designers.  With Los Angeles a rising fashion capital, this is far from surprising.  California’s lady golfers are nothing if not fashionable, with upscale women’s golf clothing dominating the green.

For older golfers, whose particular needs are still often overlooked by today’s designers, there are innovative California designers whose focus is creating stylish, comfortable golf apparel for older women.  Take a look at the GoldenWear collection, fresh creations from avid golfer and designer Darlene Harwick, who recognizes the need for fashionable golf wear for the mature golfer.  The GoldenWear line of women’s golf clothing has been designed with the older golfer in mind.  Styles are classic yet trendy and are infinitely wearable.  In our streamlined designs, you won’t have to worry about your clothes getting in the way of your enjoyment of the game.

For upscale, older women’s golf clothing, California’s GoldenWear is your best choice – preview our designs today and discover why.  If you like what we do, or you need more information, please don’t hesitate to let us know.